Gaming chairs or work from home chairs? Ars tests two under $500


Once assembled, the Omega blew me away from the moment I sat in it. The pseudo-leather has a very fine, low-lying grain and looks and feels very high quality. The padding is incredibly firm—the chair feels very much like the driver’s seat of an expensive sports car. There was no hint of rattle or looseness in the chair itself or its casters when rolling it out of the carport, down the sidewalk, and then carrying it into the house.

One word of warning: both of these chairs are heavy. Office chairs typically weight in at about 25-35 pounds—the Secretlab Omega weighs 66 pounds, and the Anda Fnatic we’ll cover in the next section weighs 72 pounds. Having a partner available to help lift and carry as necessary makes life a lot easier, especially if you’ve got stairs to navigate.

Anda Fnatic

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