Avoid explaining others about your authority, Shoaib advises Babar


LAHORE   –  Former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has advised Pakistan skipper Babar Azam to avoid explaining others about his authority as a captain. 

“It is needless for him to come on Twitter and give the message that I’m the authority and I myself take the decisions,” Shoaib said on his YouTube channel. “If you want to show aggression, bring in that in your decisions. Strong individuals don’t complain rather they take decisions. 

“Obviously, it is your first year as captain but after a couple of years, you will become more mature and become a brand for Pakistan. Do consult with the better people and try to become a strong man,” he added.

Shoaib also asked Babar to enhance his strike rate saying, “You should play with a strike rate of 150 and not with that of 100. You also demand the same from your team.” He said Pakistan team were playing with a 15 to 20 years old mindset. “The brand of cricket which they are playing is old and if they will not change it then there will be problems for them.”

Talking about the team’s performance in the first Test against Zimbabwe, he said that Pakistan had done well but they must give chance to the newer talent in the next match. 

“For the next Test match, I want Shahnawaz Dhani, Danish Aziz, Zahid [Mahmood] and Tabish [Khan]. “I expect Pakistan to make a lot of changes [in next match]. I expect Pakistan to play youngsters,” he maintained.

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